The Algarve Tech Hub is the perfect lifestyle community for tech workers, entrepreneurs & startups

Due to its cost of living, start-ups can bootstrap and get a company off the ground much cheaper than they can in other locations, while still having access to decent infrastructure and talent – both local and foreign. We’re yet to meet a single person who hasn’t fallen in love with the region.

The strategic positioning in Europe and the strong and ancestral relations with Africa, Asia and South America, make the Algarve the right place to start a business with an international potential.

Our startup community benefits from the exclusive access to a network of well established tech companies in different fields, to the innovation hub of the renowned Algarve University and to all the private and public institutions that will support new projects and innovation in the region.

The world is changing and so are people, remote working is a reality and for those who think outside the box managing work and life balance got even easier. Investors, business owners, creative thinkers and entrepreneurs consider the Algarve an amazing region to live in and to invest.

Do you want to know more about settling your project in the Algarve? Just contact us and we’ll guide you through the whole experience.

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