Best year-round warmth and sunshine.

Algarve’s popularity as a tourist destination has increased over the last years, mainly due to its year-round warmth and sunshine.

Weather is one of the reasons people fall in love with this place. The Algarve benefits from the best climate of Europe with an average of  300 days of sun per year ! Endless summers & mild winters make it the perfect place to live all year round. Fortunately, you’re going to have more sunshine instead of rain.

Enjoy the huge benefits on well-being and health : It improves the mood, helps the brain produce more serotonin (a contributor to feelings of happiness) & gives the right amount of needed Vitamin D.

The Algarve also offers a fantastic natural light that gives colorful sunsets & sunrises.

How is the weather in the Algarve?

Algarve’s spring season is generally warm, with temperatures averaging around 20 °C to 25 °C across the season, and it can range from light rains to warm days. It’s usually a very confortable season with some occasional showers, but nothing to worry about.

The Summer season has almost no rainfall across June, July and August, so the Algarve is dry through the summer months with the long days and near-zero cloud cover leaving a very warm climate. Temperatures can hit as high as 30-35°C in July and August. A gentle breeze may offer some relief from the heat, but wind speeds are relatively low so taking refuge in the shade at the height of the summer days might be advisable.

The autumn in the Algarve is typically hot to begin with, cooling only slightly too warm temperatures by November. Late-season sun seekers can still be found sunbathing throughout the autumn, enjoying average daily maximum temperatures ranging from 26°C in September to 19°C in November. 

December is the winter’s wettest month in Algarve with 96mm of rainfall through the month, typically. But we never know. Whilst the winter season is warm – expect the air to feel cool to mild, although you might find temperatures in the sunlight to be as high as 20°C – the days are much shorter, with 5 to 6 hours expected each month through the winter.

Due to its shore side location, many travellers expect this region to be a wind trap, but surprisingly the landscape is quite sheltered, with typically mild weather throughout the year.

The climate is key for a health tourism destination

The Algarve is a destination appreciated by all thanks to the quality of its waters, the sunshine and year-round pleasant temperatures, the healthy Mediterranean cuisine and the unique conditions for sport. And this is also true for those who choose to take advantage of the healthcare services offered in health tourism destinations like the Algarve, where it’s possible to combine all the therapeutic needs with a tourism experience in one of the safest countries in the world.

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