Relocating a business or opening a branch at a different country is a decision that must be taken after thoughtful consideration.

If your decision is related to decrease long term financial costs and increase the quality of your work and life balance, then the Algarve is the right place to explore.

Opening a company in the Algarve can be an easy and smooth process as the authorities have encouraged foreign investment by making available important incentives. Relocating your company or a branch office to the Algarve can have many advantages, specially if you are in tech or setting up online business opportunities and if you want to benefit from the opportunities of an attractive country and achieve the so desired work and life balance.

Setting up your company in the Algarve

Please contact the Algarve Tech Hub and we’ll offer you guidance and all the legal information you may need according to your business structure.

The Algarve as a corporate destination
As a corporate destination, the Algarve has to offer great quality business spaces equipped with excellent infrastructure, highly qualified professionals, business associations, all this integrated within a landscapes of impressive natural beauty, amazing weather, affordable living conditions, amongs many other.

In terms of corporate or associative events, the Algarve has numerous potential in infrastructures and highly qualified teams to guarantee the success of the events. Worth mentioning are the public spaces and municipal auditoriums which offer good technical conditions, comfort and versatility to host the various events.

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