International education & business culture.

Highly-qualified skilled labour. Portugal is the fifth European country with the highest number of doctorates in science and technology per 1,000 inhabitants aged between 20 and 29 years old.

With an educated workforce and English spoken widely throughout the country, international stakeholders recognise Portugal and the Algarve as a friendly and international destination for business purposes.

To add to all the above, the Portuguese population has a high level of English proficiency, with a world ranking of 18th out of 80 countries, and 14th in Europe in the English Proficiency Index 2017.

OUR POTENTIAL: People, synergies and a sea of opportunities

Here, the concept of proximity is widely experienced, without any barriers between the community, providing closer contact, aimed at adapting the experience and background of each individual to their patterns of expectation, progress and learning.

The privileged location of the region, next to Faro International Airport, and the large number of new air routes connecting to several European cities, as well as the excellent conditions, combined with the synergies it establishes with the business ecosystem, allow to this peripheral area to acquire a central and international status, converging into a sea of opportunities.

A VISION: The University of Algarve has always outlined an international vision for the region

Due to the natural characteristics of the region as a tourism destination, the University of Algarve has joined efforts with other governing bodies of the region, combining history and tradition with contemporaneity. It has always been a university adapted to cultural diversity.

The Academy is also recognized for the quality of its teaching in several fields, particularly in the areas of Science and Health Technologies; Economics, Management and Tourism; Social Sciences and Education; and Exact and Natural Sciences, standing out internationally in various rankings.

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