In the Algarve, YOU belong to a rising TECH community

The Algarve is investing in Tech! Portugal is one of the most tech friendly countries in the world: the country has hosted the world’s largest technology conference and will continue for the next 10 years, converting Portugal into a leading tech country. Portugal offers major tax incentives for both domestic and international businesses, like the Start-up visa.

Lisbon is also on the cusp of hosting the largest startup incubator in the world. Three “unicorn” companies have already been created in Portugal, and more are on their way to emerge.Embracing Portugal’s leading tech positioning, the Algarve has gathered speed as companies, local council, central government and the university invest to set-up tech friendly conditions, (e.g., tech infrastructures, incentives and events). This tech ecosystem is settling in the Algarve with opportunities for you to belong to it!

According to BRIDGE IN Portugal is currently the best location in the Western World for starting or growing a tech startup. A stable and secure democracy, with a high standard of living and great English proficiency. Portugal is also a beautiful and welcoming destination, where people actually want to live in. With its booming tech scene and top talent, Portugal provides a strategic location bridging US and EU markets and offers the best cost-benefit.

In their report, Bridge In also states that innovation, technology and connectivity are a huge part of the Portuguese mindset since ancient times, when its sailors connected the world by sea using caravels and cutting-edge sailing techniques. Today, the Portuguese still love their technology and being connected, the country has a super high adoption of mobile phones, with a 131% penetration rate for Mobile Broadband connections [22], and an extensive fiber optics network. In fact, Portugal ranked 2nd for Ultrafast Broadband take-up [23], 2.5 times higher than the EU average. Providing a good technological framework for digital businesses. ” Read full article here

It is not by chance that Lisbon hosts the largest tech event in the World – Web Summit. The conference was originally held in Dublin, when in 2017 it reached new heights by moving to Lisbon, where it will stay at least until 2028. Web Summit brings together 70,000 attendees from 160 countries, including 11,000 CEOs and more than 1200 investors, with a global media coverage by over 2500 journalists.

The Algarve is creating a Tech friendly community!

The world is your office!  The Algarve is now offering digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and start-ups a Lifestyle Tech Hub where you can settle,  and find a community. Infrastructures are prospering like co-working spaces, startup incubators, and foreign IT companies. This means it is easy to connect with digital and tech-minded people, share ideas, collaborate and be inspired to CREATE!

The second largest international event in Portugal for marketing and innovation:  “SHARE Algarve, ” with more than 1000 attendees is happening in the Algarve for the 4th edition in 2020. Events, like SHIFT & DIGITAL NOMADS ALGARVE SUMMIT in Faro organised by the ALGARVE TECH HUB attract and gather digital nomads and entrepreneurs from all around the world. Stop following other ideas, existing trends and matured technologies and be a pioneer in the Algarve creating sustainable technologies, and the next biggest trends!

More than 10 years ago, tech companies join forces with the Unversity of Algarve and with some Public Bodies and together started designing what is today the Algarve Tech Hub, a real tech ecosystem with the goal to position the Algarve region as the best Lifestyle Tech Hub of Europe.


Algarve Evolution, that has been one of the main drivers of the Algarve Tech ecosystem, is a non-profit association of tech companies that aims to bring together local stakeholders and add value to the tech companies and talents based in the Algarve in order to promote and encourage the technological growth of the region.

Always with this in mind, its board and all the engaged members regularly organize events, business drinks, webinars, theme trainings, workshops, seminars, etc. Any excuse is a good reason to get people together, and when people get together amazing things happen.

Happiness – check.
Amazing access/connection to nature – check.
Safety – check.
Optimal cost of living – check.
Most importantly: Tech ecosystem – check! 

The Algarve checks off all the boxes as a paradise on earth to settle as a digital nomad, entrepreneur or start-up. It is an ideal place to work and live, to be inspired, and have a simpler and happier life.

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