The southernmost region in mainland Portugal, the Algarve is a strategic location for tech companies and individuals keen to install their development and service centres.

With easy flight connections and strong business relationships with Portuguese-speaking countries and European markets, the Algarve is a dream destination in which to work and live.

We have the best climate in Europe, great infrastructures, good connectivity and a full set of services and integrated business solutions to make this ecosystem grow sustainably… And with a great standard of living.

Offering an international business atmosphere and relatively low living costs in comparison to other European countries, IT companies and talent alike will discover the potential to grow or start operations here.

Our geographical location also has a role to play. We are in the same time zone as London, an hour behind Central European Time – and a three-hour flight from key cities such as Zurich, London and Stockholm. Looking west across the Atlantic, our clocks are only five hours ahead of New York.

With an educated workforce and English spoken widely throughout the country, this pool of tech talent is attracting the attention of global firms.

A highly-skilled workforce at competitive development prices also means that Portuguese companies are very-well placed to succeed in the global markets.

More than most countries, Portugal offers major tax incentives for both domestic and international businesses. Aside from wanting to promote your business, the Portuguese government is enticing international investors to work with, and in, the country to boost its economy.

Last but not least, it all comes down to the balance between work and life. Apart from the fantastic weather, the outdoor life, and the amazing food and wine, living costs are relatively low in comparison to other European countries.




With a long history in providing excellent technological infrastructures, such as networking equipment, internet connectivity and servers, the Algarve region offers the perfect conditions to assist up-and-coming start-ups and tech enterprises. Portugal is well-developed, seeing that it’s the 18th in “Quality of overall infrastructure” (GCI, 2017-2018, out of 137 nations) and funding mechanisms.


Portugal is also to the fore when it comes to real-time connections, seeing that it’s the 29th country in “Air Transport Quality Ranking” (GCI, 2017-2018, out of 137 nations) centrally-located between Europe and America (3H far Centre Europe, 6 H far America (north and South)


According to the 2017 Global Peace Index, Portugal is the world’s third-safest country.

As well as being safe to travel to, it’s also very safe to live in and is continually ranked as one of the top ten places in the world to work from or to retire to, with the Algarve frequently nabbing the top spot.


Hosting several technological / networking events, conferences and meet-ups throughout the year, the Algarve region has always been focused on promoting and expanding the tech ecosystem.


Portugal is leading the way and is one of the countries in Europe to have almost total fibre optic network coverage.
Portugal is highly connected and ranks fourth in the EU28 in “Broadband penetration” (EIS, 2017) and seventh in “Communications technology meets business requirements” (IMD 2016, 60 countries).


With an educated workforce and English spoken widely throughout the country, international stakeholders recognise Portugal and the Algarve as a friendly and international destination for business purposes.


Highly-qualified skilled labour. Portugal is the fifth European country with the highest number of doctorates in science and technology per 1,000 inhabitants aged between 20 and 29 years old.


To add to all the above, the Portuguese population has a high level of English proficiency, with a world ranking of 18th out of 80 countries, and 14th in Europe in the English Proficiency Index 2017.


The weather in the Algarve is excellent, including mild winters, an additional plus for people with certain health issues.

In 2017, the Algarve’s daily average in sunshine hours was 8.6, an award-winning figure!


The Algarve has the best climate in Europe, good connectivity and a full set of services. With a good business climate and living costs being relatively low in comparison to other European countries, IT companies and talent alike have the potential to grow or start operating here.


Portugal is also worldwide for its healthy Mediterranean diet and for the wonderful wines produced in the country.
Fresh fish and seafood can be found at nearly every restaurant and at a very fair price.


Portugal is the right choice when it comes to escaping the cold winter weather, and the Algarve is certainly the country’s top spot when it comes to playing golf.  The mild climate, with over 300 days of sunshine per year, allows the golf season to extend for several months, attracting players from all over the world.

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