Lisbon’s hosting of the Web Summit in November saw tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, investors and specialists flock to the Portuguese capital, the most visible sign of the country’s buoyant technology sector.


Portugal’s booming start-up scene is now one of the best places across the European Union for women in technology to work.


In 2009, Portugal introduced a range of tax benefits for both EU and non-EU citizens, which made attaining residency quick, easy, and financially lucrative.


Taxes paid abroad can be offset against corresponding Portuguese tax, capped at the lower of (i) the tax liability corresponding to the foreign income, net of costs directly or indirectly incurred, or (ii) the foreign tax paid.


In Portugal, it’s easy to start up a business. In fact, the country ranks 29th in the “Ease of Doing Business Rank” (World Bank DB, 2018, out of 189 countries).

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Google is the next technological giant to get to Portugal. Amazon might be under way. Companies like Uber, Zalando or Huawei are already in the country. Why are they choosing Portugal?

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O Algarve Tech Hub, que vai nascer no Campus da Penha da Universidade do Algarve, em Faro, será uma realidade daqui a dois anos.

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A Altice vai apoiar o projeto Algarve Tech Hub, polo tecnológico que será criado em Faro.

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O Algarve vai acolher, em 2019, um fórum tecnológico sobre o tema «Impacto da transformação digital nos serviços e turismo na região algarvia», anunciaram ontem as entidades organizadoras.

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